WordPress Gutenberg & The Classic Editor

The new block editor, also known as Gutenberg, stands to change the way you create and update content on your WordPress site.

It’s likely you have experienced the classic WordPress editor. You might use it to post a blog, for instance. It’s also likely that you had to look up how to complete complex tasks like style changes, adding buttons or changing the background color. (You may have also asked your friendly agency for assistance.)

Gutenberg simplifies the process by giving each type of content properties, features, and abilities, which can be customized to create exacting results: drag blocks up and down to rearrange their position; add a quote block between paragraphs with a click; change the alignment and width of an element in the sidebar. The list goes on.

There are varying reasons you or someone on your team may want to continue

using the classic editor. You may need more time to learn the new editor, use a custom post type that interferes with Gutenberg, or use a tool like YooTheme, Divi or Beaver Builder. The Classic Editor plugin (created and maintained by the WordPress core team) allows you to disable the new editor OR toggle between the Classic editor and Gutenberg! Simply install and activate the Classic Editor plugin, hover over settings on the dashboard of your site and click “writing”, then click “allow users to switch editors” and save. Now you have the option with posts and pages to use the Classic Editor or the Gutenberg Editor, whichever works best for you!

CAUTION: If you activate Gutenberg or Classic editors on pages built with other builders you risk erasing your work or changing your formatting. If you use one of many popular and powerful builders, definitely continue using these tools for content updates.

While the Classic Editor plugin will enjoy support into 2022, Gutenberg now ships with core, so do check it out, it’s the future of content creation! (And it’s REALLY cool!)

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