Joomla Web Content Management with Bear Web Design

Client education & training is an important aspect of Bear Web Design’s Support Services. Content management websites and advanced blogging systems are very powerful web applications that require training & guidance in terms of usage. A company’s website success can be enhanced by their knowledge and ability to use web based systems. Content Management systems allow clients to update their sites directly, getting marketing information and news out quickly, while keeping website management costs low.

The Web Content Management Class is a also great opportunity to improve productivity as well as the quality of website content including Search Engine resulte while getting the latest information about hot topics such as Content Management, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, e-News and other areas that affect your web presence.

Client Education and Training Includes:  

  • Custom Onsite & Phone Training On Core Joomla and Extensions.
  • Formal Class Room Web Content Classes generally held quarterly.
  • Custom administration setup with direct links to key functions.
  • Periodical client e-NEWS blasts with specific web based topics & news.
  • "How To" customer support to demonstrate content updates upon client inquiry.
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Web Content Management Classes will cover:

  • Understanding Your Website Structure
  • Introduction To Your Joomla Website
  • Managing Your Website Content
  • Additional Extensions in Your Website

The classroom will have Wi-Fi - students are required to bring laptop or tablet.

  • 10 positions available in each web content management class...
  • Class Instruction will be presented by Peter Beare (and Team)...
  • Class Cost is $75.00 per seat...
  • Registration Required

Seats are available with new development (Registration still required).

* Class will not be supplying Computer.
** JOOMLA 3.X will be covered in class

Session I

9:00 a.m. – 9:15 a.m. – Session I (Part I) – Understanding Your Website Structure

To effectively manage your website you must have a base understanding of the structure of the website. This includes where the website actually resides, your domain name, the composition of your website (programs) and the unique structure of your website. This includes an overview of your administration panel and website support.

  • What is a Domain Name, registrants, registrars and management?
  • What is Web Hosting and what does web hosting provide?
  • How is your e-mail setup and how does it work with your website?
  • What does your CMS website consist of and what is its structure?
  • How do I access my Admin area and its basic components
  • Front End Access for content contribution
  • What support do we provide for each client?

Session I (Part II) – Introduction To Your Joomla Website

Joomla! is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Open source is free software that can be implemented/modified by companies such as Bear Web Design to custom fit a client’s requirements. Your Joomla! website has been customized by Bear Web Design to provide a professional web design that functions with the Joomla CMS System.

  • Quick Introduction to Joomla! & Responsive Design
  • Control Panel Sign In – What Can You Update? (currently)
  • Defining Static Content and Articles
  • Data Structure of Your Website – Static Content, Blogs, Sections & Categories?
  • Understanding Your Websites Navigation/Menu System
  • Your Websites Editor (JCE)…

Session II

9:15 – 10:45 a.m. – Session II - Managing Your Website Content

Managing your website’s content starts with a strong understanding of what good content is and why it is so important for your website. We will look at each area of your website that contains “updatable” content and cover updating each area. This includes updating text, images, multi-media, and documents in static content and content manager.

  • Updating Articles/Static Content
  • Introduction to Media Manager
  • Adding/Updating Images To Static Content
  • Adding/Updating Articles Content
  • Adding Images to your Content
  • Linking to Articles and Documents in your system
  • Using Tabs in Articles
  • Home Page Slideshow Photos (and Captions)
  • Connecting Article to Your Menu/Navigation System

Session III

10:45 – 11:00 a.m. – Session III – Additional Extensions in Your Website

Now you have a good understanding of your website structure and know the steps involved in updating your content. It is time to look at additional extensions on your website s you can appy your content management principles in various applications. This includes focusing on Content Marketing and finishing with Google Analytics.

  • Easy Blog – “Content Marketing” is now your very best friend
  • Contact Manager – Managing Inquiries on your website
  • Photo Gallery – Managing photographs on your website
  • User Manager – Managing users on your website
  • Module Manager – Updating content in your modules.
  • Website Statistics – Google Analytics – Periodical Reports and Access