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Paying Your Bill Online with Bear Web Design

Paying Your Bill Online

In 2024 Bear Web Design will transition all client to online payments. Most clients already pay online thru our QuickBooks System (Intuit Payment Network). We are asking for all clients to pay online within the next 12 months (deadline – December 1st, 2024). As a technology company it is just time to go in this direction!

The process of receiving checks, recording deposits in QuickBooks, creating a deposit and then going to the bank to make the deposit is a process that cuts into our busy days supporting our clients. It is also subject to mistakes being made at both the client level. Clients can paying the wrong amount or even sometimes double paying). Bear Web Design can incorrectly record payments that cause unnecessary follow up.

Most companies are familiar with paying invoices online with credit or debit cards but for companies that traditionally pay thru their bank account the Check Transfer (ACH) is a good option. Again most companies have been paying Bear Web Design online in particular since COVID19 so if you are already doing that we thank you!

Advantages To Paying Online Via Company Check

Paying Online is fast and secure – no printing of checks, stamping envelopes and mailing out.
(all you need is your bank routing number & check number – no other setup).

  1. It eliminates mistakes as you can only pay invoices that you owe.
  2. It processes directly into our accounting system (no entry at our end).
  3. Our cost is 1% with a $10.00 cap with QuickBooks Online versus higher rates and fees for Credit/Debit card. (so it is our preferred payment method)
  4. Eliminates going to the post office, entering transactions at our office, writing out deposits and going to the bank.

Watch Video Showing You How To Pay Online

This video was created for our clients during COVID-19 and shows you how to pay your Bear Web Design Invoice via our secure QuickBooks System:

Got Questions with your Billing?

If you need further assistance with your billing or have any questions please contact us.