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Management, Hosting & Support

Bear Web Design’s Account Management, Hosting & Support provides clients with a permanent solution for managing, marketing, supporting, and hosting their websites on the Internet. Account management means we get to know your business, staff, and team and work hand in hand with you to help manage and keep your website secure and running optimally.

We also provide you with a full array of webmaster services, including full technical support and upgrades to core and extensions, and how-to and content management support (as needed).  Proudly, we are now offering a full complement of website management and digital marketing classes with Bear Web Labs!

Managed Website Services Include:

  • 24-7 Website Monitoring and Core Versions and Plug Upgrades & Management
  • Website Content Management Assistance & Support
  • A full complement of website management and digital marketing classes with Bear Web Labs
  • Google Analytics Reporting, Google Search & Page Speed with Google Site Kit
  • Domain Name and Registrar Management thru GoDaddy
  • WordPress Core, Builders & Plugin Upgrades as required (usually monthly at minimum)
  • Annual Theme & Plugin Licensing, as well as custom plugs when required
    (Custom plugin fees may apply)
  • Secure Server Certificate and Secure Calls throughout the website
  • Google Business Profile Monitoring 
  • Support & Project Helpdesk with e-mail & phone support
  • Primary Support – 7 days a week – 7:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Secondary Support – Overnight Technical Support

Additional expert fee-based services are available to existing clients upon request, including Web Design & Development, Graphic Design, Meetings & Reviews, Facebook & Social Media Marketing, AI Content Marketing, SEO & Readability Optimization, e-NEWS Design & Setup, Custom Training, Digital Advertising Campaigns – Google & Facebook Ads, Web Content Management & Google Business Profile Management.

With Managed Services we provide you with a full array of Expert Webmaster & Hosting Support while providing access to a full Web Design Agency to support future growth.

Account Management: 

Managing complex and active WordPress Websites is the backbone of our Management Services, with priority services given to our clients, ranging from Web Content Management Support (base website operations), including new website Initiatives and marketing campaigns, Website & Software Plugin Management, including license renewals, adding new plugs and replacing out of date plugs (when necessary) and Metric Reporting & Analysis including 24-7 monitoring of the website.

We currently have a team of six designers, developers, and marketers who provide an array of website management skills, including immediate customer responses (expert response) via our online Helpdesk (7 days a week) and client projects ranging from design and development to AI content marketing and SEO optimization.

Website Hosting

Our client’s websites (approximately 160 client websites as of January 2024) are hosted on our two Rochen based Cloud Servers.  We also manage additional custom servers for clients thru Rochen. All of our hosting accounts are in cloud based hosting that allows us to adjust any client’s account to meet the storage and memory needs of their websites. application and traffic which can change over time.

We provide DNS management as part of the hosting services which has constant challenges with e-mail (spam, non delivery) from website notification routing. We provide incremental backup thru Rochen Vault that allows us to restore any part of the website from the last 30-60 days which is used most often for failed plugin or theme updates. We also provide website staging capability to allow us to set up a copy of the live website to make enhancements or upgrades that are then applied to the live web without client interruption.

  • Primary Support – 7 days a week – 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM with Secondary Support Overnight with additional 24/7 server monitoring
  • 24-7 Website Monitoring & Management
  • DNS Management, including Domain, E-mail & Hosting Services.
  • Lighting Fast WordPress Performance with Security Updates
  • WordPress Core, Builder & Plugin Upgrades as required (Quarterly Report Provided)
  • Secure WordPress Cloud-Based Hosting on dedicated servers with Rochen.
  • Secure Server Certificate Setup and Annual Renewals with Secure Calls throughout the website.
  • CMS Builder Annual Licensing Renewals for WordPress – Custom Plugin Fees Apply)
  • Nightly website backups and weekly off-site backups, keeping up to 30-45 days of backups
  • Google Analytics Reporting, Google Search & Page speed with Google Site Kit.
  • Domains & Sub Domain Management & Support
  • Secure Server Certificate setup and annual upgrading.
  • Utilizing Open Source Systems (WordPress with MySQL Databases & PHP.
  • E-Mail pop3, smtp, imap4, forwarding, and webmail accounts with FTP access.
  • Hosting Accounts are fully compatible with Google Works, Outlook, and Apple Mail.

Website Tracking of Core Versions, Themes & Plugins

Bear Web Design manages and monitors all client websites thru our Watchful Tracking System. “Watchful” monitors your website 24-7 and records any changes to the website, ranging from updates to access (any changes to the core website), a key security and management feature. We apply plugin updates automatically to client websites (between 6 pm and 6 am), and we are notified if any plugin update fails (which sometimes can make the website go down). 

We also apply core WordPress and all Theme updates. When a plugin fails to recover, we use Rochen Vault extensively and then manually go through the process to attempt to resolve the issue (and/or contact the plugin developer to seek assistance). We receive Watchful update communication constantly, as most websites have 10-20 plugins that are constantly being updated.

Managed Theme & Plugin Licenses provides our clients with over $450 of value annually!

Managed Theme & Plugin Licenses

Bear Web Design provides and manages core themes and plugin licenses for each client. We pay annually for these licenses and our core licenses are included as part of your account management services. These licenses have a value of over $450.00 to each client annually. We also manage custom plugins for clients as well.

Those licenses include:

Plugin prices as of January 2024

We Offer Additional Expert Based Services to clients including:

  • Web Design & Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Meetings & Website & Digital Strategy Reviews
  • Facebook & Social Media Marketing
  • AI Content Marketing
  • e-NEWS Design & Setup, Custom Training,
  • Digital Advertising Campaigns – Google & Facebook Ads
  • Web Content Management
  • Google Business Profile Management.