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Google AdWords

Google AdWords can be seen by customers at the very moment they’re searching on Google.   This allows customers to find the products and services you offer. You will only pay for this when the consumer clicks to visit your website or calls you. Use Google Adwords when you need a campaign to immediately get customer and prospect traffic to your website. As soon as it is set up you will have immediate website traffic. This is the only immediate form of Search Engine Marketing.  Therefore, when you want “An Immediate” strategy we highly recommend this one.

 Google AdWords Services Include:

  • Establishing key search terms that you are targeting.
  • Setup advertising campaign based on budget, aims and target audience.
  • Establishing specific demographic locations to run your ads in.
  • Monitoring AdWords Campaign results including AdWords, Website and Phone Calls.
  • Monthly or periodical reports on clicks and views, as well as costs.

Is your business the answer to the search question?

With Google AdWords it can be.  This strategy accelerates your position in the search engine lineup.  Basically, when a consumer searches Google for your product or keyword, this feature will let you pay money to top the list.   When a consumer doesn’t know your business exists or they can’t remember your name, this strategy will lead them to you.  Also, Bear Web Design can run the analytics to help you track and understand your results.