It is not “Intent” it is “Content” that Google Ranks You On!

As we enter a new year and many of our clients are reviewing their websites and marketing plans for 2012 I have found myself repeating this line above in both client and prospect meetings:

It is not “Intent” it is “Content” that Google Ranks your website on.

This seems to strike a chord and really helps website owners and managers realize that what your business is about only matches up and gets good results with Google Search Engine Rankings when your website has content that supports, explains and elaborates on that. This does not just mean a well written two paragraphs about your business.  (That’s a start).

You really have two types of core content that you should focus on. One is your static content – such as your About Us, Services & Products you provide, Team Members and Business Location (and coverage range) but the other form of content that is really critical is ‘expert’ content that comes in the form of a Blog.

When you think about it you have two distinct visitors coming to your website – the human that will rate their visit to your website based on design and look of the site, navigation and ease to get to important information, the clarification of your expertise and ultimately the action and engagement they participate on your website.

The other visitor is a robot (Search Engines) that reviews your content (and really can’t rank the human elements mentioned about) but can map and record every piece of content you have and ultimately establish what is the specific core content elements to your website and then match them up to Search Engine key phrases and key words (and ultimately prospects searching for services and business on the web).

This year we have introduced a great extension called Easy Blog as a primary content tool to help clients really develop that expert content.  Easy Blog is “easy” to use and has the capability of automatically updating social media (which is an outstanding feature).   And what I really like in this focus is when you blog on your website you are the primary beneficiary (your website gets better SEO rankings, you get more visitors, you prove your expertise).  And being able to update social media directly is incredibly efficient.

We are generally incorporating Easy Blog into new development’s  but are also encouraging all our clients to consider this to be part of their internet marketing focus for 2012. We primarily add a small portion of the blog to the home page (so visitors can immediately start to get a feel for your expertise and personality). Over the last month we have seen clients incorporate individual or team blogs and the best testimony I have received back to date is a client who had a person respond specifically to a blog (that was found on Google) and ultimately became a customer.

Generally it is not a large investment to do this – but it is a definite team effort with both the client and our team. (The client is the expert in their respective fields and getting them to share that expertise in a sustainable blog is the key!).

We will also be shortly announcing our Spring Blogging Class (our very first) so be watching for that as we all work together to bring more successful outcomes to your website.



Peter Beare

Peter founded Bear Web Design in Nashville, Tennessee in May of 2000 and has been actively involved in web design & development, web content management & education, web hosting & management as well as internet marketing. His experience gained by working with clients from the sales cycle to launching a new website to overseeing a client’ s second generation redevelopment has given him a unique understanding and perspective of the internet. This allows him to serve our client base with expert leadership & service with a completely hands on approach.


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