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Blogs & Content Marketing

Bear Web Design offers Blogs & Content Marketing support to clients.  We encourage clients, at all levels, to use blogs as the primary form of Online Marketing.  Furthermore, we suggest using blogs to attract both prospects and to optimize Search Engines. Blogging on a frequent basis is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to enhance inbound marketing efforts, drive traffic to your site, and attract more prospective customers.  

Our Blogs & Content Marketing Support Includes:

  • Setup Popular Blogging Tools (WordPress & EasyBlog) for CMS Websites.
  • Positioning Blogs in key locations within your website to maximize reach.
  • Integrating Blog Posts into your favorite Social Media for easy publishing.
  • Keyword, Key Phrasing and Tagging Blogs to maximize search engine results.
  • Assisting with Photo and Media Selection to improve blog readability.

How to start a Blog.

The purpose of blogging is to share perspectives, experiences, insights, and promote your business or brand.  Blogging does not require being professional writer (Whew!).   In fact, the most popular blogs are informal, personable, and conversational.  Certainly you should make an intentional effort to spell words correctly and use correct grammar.  But when writing your blog you shouldn’t be plagued with bad memories from high school English class.

So, where should you start?  First, give your blog a name describing the overall context of the blog.  Next, take steps to get it online.  To get your blog online, you will need to choose a blog host and software system for getting it on the internet.  Once selected, you are ready to create and design your blog.  Now, you are ready to write your first post and publish!

Need help setting up your blog, creating content, or promoting posts?  Bear Web Design can help.  Contact us for a consultation.  

A Blogging Tip from the Bear!

Before publishing, be certain your blog includes your contact information, a title for each blog post and images.  Also include your disclaimer, privacy policy, and terms service.  Once you are published, remember to promote your post!

A Tip From The Bear - Guide To Blogging - Bear Web Design