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Bear Web Design

Bear Web Design

Design. Manage. Market.

Design. Manage. Market.

Responsive & Mobile-First Designs

Design & Development

Our custom web designs are directed by your business models and marketing concepts.  We primarily focus on your targeted demographics and desired outcomes using the latest in responsive Content Management technology.

Content & Marketing

Directed by your desired results we provide full content marketing and social media marketing plans.  Our plans range from expert blogging to branding and posting on Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, X & LinkedIn. 

Featured Web Design

Welcome to Bear Web Design, your Nashville-based digital artisans specializing in the creation of custom, responsive websites. With a keen focus on mobile-first design, our portfolio showcases a diverse array of websites, each meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of our clients. Dive into our world of innovative web solutions and discover how we blend functionality with cutting-edge design to elevate your online presence.

Management, Hosting & Support

At Bear Web Design, we go beyond mere website creation by offering comprehensive Management, Hosting, and Support Services. Our suite of services, encompassing Business & Account Management, Managed Hosting & Support, and Standard Web Hosting, presents a robust solution for the seamless management, support, and hosting of your website on the Internet. With a deep commitment to understanding your business, team, and unique needs, we offer personalized account management to ensure your website remains secure and performs at its best. Our full array of webmaster services, including technical support, core updates, and content management assistance, is designed to provide you with the peace of mind that your online presence is in expert hands.

Website Management

Account Management means we get to know your business, your staff and team and we work hand in hand with you to help you manage and keep your website up to date & secure.,

Social Media Marketing

How to build a social media strategy

Social Media Marketing is essential to helping your business thrive.  Bear Web Design assists clients in designing, branding, setting up, and implementing Social Media Marketing…  

Building & Managing Websites Since 2000

Partnering With Social Media Influencers: How It Can Help Grow Your Business

In today’s ever-changing digital world, social media influencers have become a powerful force in marketing. With their large, engaged audiences, influencers can help businesses of all sizes increase brand awareness, reach new customers, and boost sales. Here’s how partnering with social media influencers can help grow your business.

A Guide to Adapting Your 2024 Marketing Strategies

Are you preparing for your midyear marketing review? As your brand navigates the ever-changing digital landscape, it’s essential to adapt marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition and meet consumers’ changing preferences. Using every available resource to share, promote, and build brand awareness requires prudent thought and planning. Here is a guide to evaluating […]

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Web Services

Web Design

Bear Web Design produces web designs that are professional, visual representations of our client’s organization and their goods and services…

Web Development

Web Development integrates the custom web design, the desired applications & plugins, menu & module options, elements and the specific functionality aims into your website…

Web Content Marketing

Bear Web Design offers Blogs and content Marketing support to clients. We encourage clients, at all levels, to use blogs as the primary form of Online Marketing…

Management, Hosting & Support

Business & Account Management, Managed Hosting & Support and Standard Web Hosting provide clients with a permanent solution to managing, supporting, and housing their website on the Internet…

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing is essential to helping your business thrive.  Bear Web Design assists clients in designing, branding, setting up, and implementing Social Media Marketing…

Google Works

Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) Collaboration & Productivity Apps for Business are used and recommended by Bear Web Design. We use this G-Mail as our primary e-Mail client…

About Bear Web Design

Bear Web Design has custom designed and developed over 450 websites since 2000.

We provide services in the areas of custom web design, web development, content management , online shops (e-commerce), graphic & logo design with internet marketing & advertising and online branding.

We currently manage over 150 client websites.

To discuss your organization’s website needs, contact us or call us at (615) 504-6845

Bear Web Design - Team Work!

About Bear Web

Bear Web Design has custom designed and developed over 450 websites and web applications since 2000. We utilize state of the art custom design tools and content management systems.

To discuss your organization’s website and creative needs, call us at (615) 504-6845.

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Lets Get Started